Embroiled In A Domestic Violence Case? Why You Need An Attorney

Being charged with domestic violence can have devastating consequences. Not only do you face the possibility of jail time, but there are also other ramifications that may be worse than physical imprisonment. What if you are forbidden from seeing your children because a judge has deemed you to be unfit? Or, what if you are locked up for so long that you lose your job because you didn't have enough time to cover your stint in jail? Read More 

8 Things to Know About Under-Aged Alcohol Consumption and DUI Charges

You can be arrested and charged with a crime if you are caught drinking and driving before the age of 21. In addition, you may be charged with multiple things like a DUI and under-age alcohol consumption. Read on for the things you should know about these charges. DUI Charges in General In all states, a person (of any age) can be arrested and charged with DUI if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measures at or above . Read More