Embroiled In A Domestic Violence Case? Why You Need An Attorney

Being charged with domestic violence can have devastating consequences. Not only do you face the possibility of jail time, but there are also other ramifications that may be worse than physical imprisonment. What if you are forbidden from seeing your children because a judge has deemed you to be unfit? Or, what if you are locked up for so long that you lose your job because you didn't have enough time to cover your stint in jail? These are very valid concerns that should not be taken lightly. If you are battling a domestic violence charge here are a few reasons why you need a lawyer in your corner.

Domestic Violence Attorneys Present The Alternatives

Many situations appear much different on the surface than they actually are in reality. Is it possible that you were unjustly charged with domestic violence because you happened to be on the scene when a physical dispute took place? This is the kind of question a skilled attorney will seek to answer in a way that benefits you.

For example, perhaps a family member or partner was hurt because they assaulted you and you were only trying to defend yourself. If this happens, you may have received the brunt of the blame simply because the other party had more extensive injuries when the authorities arrived.

Conversely, if you get into an altercation with an intoxicated person, they could fall and injure themselves because they've had a bit too much to drink. If you are then charged as a result it can be very disturbing to realize that you are seen as the offender when you did nothing wrong. Your domestic violence attorney opens up the alternatives so you can hopefully face less harmful consequences.

Get Help In No-Contact Situations

It's not uncommon for people who have been accused of domestic violence to be barred from their homes. This can be extremely problematic because if you cannot return to your house to at least pick up your belongings, you could find yourself in perilous circumstances with nothing of your own.

Your domestic violence attorney can make the arrangements so you're able to at least gather your things. They may set up time with a sheriff or have the no-contact order briefly lifted with just enough hours for you to get your clothing and other essentials to move elsewhere.

It really helps to have professional assistance when you're in turbulent circumstances. Call a domestic violence lawyer so they can get started with your defense today.