Bankruptcy And Wedding Planning — How To Keep Effects Positive On Both Sides

For anyone struggling with debt, the idea of getting married is both exciting and daunting. Bankruptcy can help relieve you or your partner of debt anxiety and harassment. But will it impact your wedding? These two life events may have an effect on one another. How? Here are a few things to know about an open bankruptcy case and your wedding.  1. Wedding Costs Can Be a Problem With the average wedding costing $30,000 in 2022, it's easy to see why wedding expenses could create a challenge for your bankruptcy. Read More 

Facing Domestic Violence Charges? 3 Reasons Legal Representation Is Vital

Domestic violence is extremely horrible, and it attracts hefty legal charges. So you may have a rough time if your spouse alleges you have battered or abused them in any way. Sadly, it's more painful and devastating when you are falsely accused of such charges. Not everyone accused of domestic violence is necessarily a culprit or guilty of it. However, it would help if you took proper measures to avoid the harsh consequences associated with these charges. Read More 

3 Ways A Lawyer Can Defend You When Accused With A DUI

Were you given a DUI that you feel is unfair and you're not sure what to do about it? You may want to hire a lawyer that can help defend you in court so that you can be found not guilty. Here are some defenses that a lawyer might use to help clear your name. Your Arrest Wasn't Justified You may not be aware that it is against the law for a police officer to pull someone over without probable cause. Read More 

Are You Planning To Take Legal Action After A Truck Crash Caused By Overloading Issues? Here’s What You Should Know

Companies that transport goods using trucks use different strategies to meet delivery deadlines and increase their profits. Unfortunately, some of their strategies may not work and, and they endanger the lives of other road users. For example, overloading increases the risk of collisions because it is challenging to maneuver the truck, especially at high speeds. In this case, the semi can tip over or fail to stop in time, which can lead to fatal collisions. Read More 

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer When Your Disability Claim Has Been Denied

If you are disabled, you might have applied for disability. After all, you might not be able to work and support yourself because of your disability, so you might be hoping that you can receive monthly government benefits to help you cover your bills and expenses. You might have thought that you wouldn't have any problems when filing for disability, but unfortunately, your claim might have been denied for some reason. Read More