DUI Attorney: Injured By An Uninsured Driver

If you're injured by a drunk driver, the consequences can be catastrophic. This can be particularly true if the drunk driver is uninsured.

Here are some practical ways a DUI attorney can help you when you're injured by an insured drunk driver.

Filing First

Many uninsured drunk drivers file for bankruptcy very early in the litigation process. If and when the uninsured drunk driver files for bankruptcy protection, it can be critical to have pending, civil, litigation served to them before their bankruptcy case is processed and completed.

  • Approximating: the total damages caused by the uninsured drunk driver must be approximated even before you see receive medical, auto, and other bills. To accurately assess the total losses you sustained in the accident, your DUI attorney must have access to your medical and financial records. Once DUI attorney has these records they can consult with medical, accounting, and insurance actuary experts to approximate your total loss from the accident. Having this approximation can be crucial for several reasons, particularly if the uninsured drunk driver files for bankruptcy. First, you can have a more accurate idea about the potential value of your case. Second, you will need this figure if or when the uninsured drunk driver's bankruptcy settlement is finalized in court.

Handling Bills

Medical, automotive, and other bills are likely to pile up very quickly after a drunk driving accident. Because these losses should ultimately be recovered from the uninsured drunk driver, your DUI attorney can help you handle your bills in the interim.

  • Extensions: your DUI attorney can file paperwork to compel your creditors to grant you extensions for all of the bills related to your accident. These extensions normally include contingencies that automatically deduct the sum you owe when your civil litigation is settled. Although filing for extensions can earmark how your settlement dollars will be spent, it can keep creditors from damaging your credit score and/or submitting unpaid bills to a collection agency.
  • Deductibles: some of the expenses you might need to pay before your case is settled are your insurance deductibles. Depending on the state where the accident occurred, your DUI attorney can have your deductible bills filed directly to the uninsured drunk driver. By filing to have your deductibles expensed to the uninsured drunk driver, you can access your insurance benefits without having to negotiate the deductible process before your case is settled in court.

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