Resolving A Legal Dispute The Alternative Way

Legal disputes can be costly when they last for a long period of time, especially when a lot of investigating must be done to gather a sufficient amount of evidence. Sometimes disputes take a long time to resolve because the parties involved are dealing with emotions that prevents them from wanting to compromise or behave cordially. For instance, when good friends are business partners and get into a disagreement, it can lead to a drawn-out dispute in court that could have been prevented by handling it properly. If you and your business partner are dealing with such a situation, the most important way to handle it is with help from a lawyer. The article explains how a lawyer can use alternative methods to assist with resolving the dispute with speed and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Mediation Can Keep Emotions Under Control

Emotions can greatly interfere with a legal dispute being settled in a cordial manner, especially when you are dealing with two people who have a close relationship. A lawyer can ensure that emotions are not allowed to get in the way of resolving the dispute, as he or she can handle the case via mediation. Basically, you and your business partner will have the ability to communicate without having to directly speak to one another. There will be a third-party present in the mediation venue who will be responsible for conveying what each party has to say. Your business partner can also have his or her lawyer present during the process to assist with making the right decisions during the process.

No Need for a Judge or Jury to Resolve the Dispute

The perk of resolving a legal situation via alternative dispute resolution is that you and your partner can avoid having to rely on a judge or jury. For instance, after all parties have stated what they desire the outcome to be in the dispute, they can simply agree to the terms and resolve the incident as soon as possible. If all parties are not quite in agreement, mediation can continue going on for as long as it is need for a satisfactory resolution to come about. Facing a judge or jury can lead to a dispute possibly taking over a year to resolve when the case is complicated, but using an alternative resolution method can lead to satisfactory results in as little time as a few days in some legal cases.