3 Things Your Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Do

When faced with a collision injury of any type, you may need to rely on the expertise of an attorney if this was due to the fault of another person. Regardless, of the severity of your injury, your attorney should be there for you. Being aware of ways this legal professional can assist you is the first step in getting your case started.

File the Complaint

You will want to consult with your attorney before you do anything else. This can allow your lawyer to look at the details of your case and determine what allegations should be made against the defendant.

Keep in mind you are referred to as the plaintiff and the one that is filing the lawsuit. This makes it your responsibility to provide the necessary proof to substantiate your allegations.

Get a response from the defendant

Once the complaint has been served on the defending party, you will need to await a response. This should be done within a certain amount of time to assist you with moving forward with the case. In fact, there's nothing you can do until the defending party has completed this process and then will allow you to get the case started.

The response should identify if the defendant agrees or disagrees with the allegations in the complaint. It's possible that this individual could partially agree or disagree with varying parts of this document.

Start the discovery process

One of the most critical elements of civil litigation is the discovery stage. This is when the case will need to be proved, and there are four varying parts of this process.

Listed below are the various stages:

1.    Written interrogatories – This is when you'll receive a set of questions that must be answered about the case.

2.    Deposition – You may be required to meet with an attorney and answer a series of inquiries that will be transcribed.

3.    Request for admission statements – You will need either agree or deny certain things about the case.

4.    Request for production documents -  This is the time to submit medical receipts or other proof that indicates money you've lost due to this situation.

The benefits of taking legal action if you've suffered a personal injury include being compensated for your losses. This is especially important if these have been significant. Be sure to work with your car accident attorney to assist you during this time. For more information, contact companies like Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, P.L.L.C.