Vital Reasons To Have A Criminal Attorney Present During Questioning

If you are arrested for a crime, you can expect the police to question you about it. The interrogation process can be daunting, even after you have been read your Miranda rights. You may not be sure of what questions that you must or should answer.

To ensure that all of your legal rights are protected, you need to have someone on your side during interrogation. You can hire and have a criminal attorney present when the police question you after your arrest.

Avoiding Self-Incrimination

One of the primary reasons to have a criminal defense attorney present with you when the police ask you questions involves avoiding self-incrimination. When your emotions run high or you are confused about what is going on, you might make a mistake and say that you committed a crime when, in fact, you are innocent.

When you have a criminal defense attorney with you during questioning, you can avoid incriminating yourself for something that you did not do. Your criminal attorney can advise you on what questions to answer. They may even answer some questions for you to ensure that the police have no reason to hold you on your arrest. 

Protecting From Unlawful Seizure of DNA

A criminal attorney can also make sure that the police do not obtain DNA from you illegally during interrogation. Without a lawyer present, you may think that you must provide a DNA sample, simply because you are under arrest. However, your criminal attorney can stop you from providing this sample without the police getting a warrant for it first.

After reviewing the warrant, your criminal attorney can make sure that the police have legal footing to get the DNA from you. Your criminal attorney can also make sure that the DNA is only used for reasons that relate directly to the charge for which you have been arrested and are being held.

Finally, a criminal attorney can make sure you are not abused during questioning. They can ensure that the detectives do not lose their temper with you or mistreat you physically while you are being interrogated.

A criminal attorney can protect your legal interests when you have been arrested and are being held for questioning. They can protect you from self-incrimination. Your lawyer can also demand a warrant for gathering your DNA sample and protect you from abuse when the police interrogate you. Contact an attorney today.